Indv/Couples/Family Counseling

Indv/Couples/Family Counseling
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Couples & Family Counseling for Abilene, TX


Individual counseling provides an opportunity to work with a professional, one-on-one, to examine and determine a plan of action to deal with the problems in your life. The plan is unique to you and focuses on those areas of supreme importance to you.

Some possible outcomes are:

  • Improved relationships
  • Development of tools to change old habits into effective responses
  • Plans for a more productive future
  • Freedom from fear, anxiety, and depression


Couples counseling provides assistance from a professional plus an atmosphere where relationship difficulties can be brought out in the open and dealt with in a more powerful and successful manner. Whether you are in crisis or just wanting to "freshen up" your relationship, we can help.

This is what is possible:

  • Understanding yourself and your partner better
  • Repairing the breaks in relating
  • Learning the tools to build a relationship of love and respect
  • Dealing with separation and divorce with good judgement

Family Counseling

Family counseling brings the entire family together with a professional to work on the different facets that make up a healthy family. Problems can be more readily identifies as each individual is able to share from their point of view.

What is possible?

  • Developing a new understanding of each other and each one's role in the family
  • Learning how to work together on difficult issues without anger and mistrust
  • Developing skills to resolve conflicts in a more peaceful and positive manner
  • Experiencing being understood, supported, and encourage to go forward
Maybe you are a person that prefers to work online, or doesn't have time to meet in person. Don't worry! Soon you will be able to enjoy the benefits of family therapy or couples counseling through technology. These services are coming in the near future! 

 Skype/Email/Telephone Consultations

Coming in the near future.

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