Our Services

Couples Therapy

Looking backward can have value, however many clients become stuck in old meanings and take less action toward change. TFI therapists have a history of helping clients transform old meanings into new ones, a technique that has the potential to motivate people to act differently. Do you want to get better?

Family Therapy

Family group can make or break the family’s mental health. It has the power, insofar as it influences every aspect of human development, and of human relations. TFI’s therapists help families conceptualize efforts to develop a framework for thinking as they work together toward a solution. Do you really want a better relationship?

Individual Therapy

Many of our clients come to us due to the requirements of others, but even these clients comply with these mandates because they want something. As the therapist discovers what’s important to the client they walk beside them in the journey to discover a place in which the problem does not exist. Do you really want peace in your life?

Therapy areas of focus Include depression, grief, anxiety, unemployment, domestic issues, alcohol and substances abuse and divorce.

Anger Managment

Relationship Therapy

Parenting Course

One on One

Our Programs

Military Fund

For those serving in deployment In Iraq or Afghanistan individuals or

Samaritan Fund

For those with limited income below the poverty level.

Children First Program

Supervised visitation and exchange programs for families; Visitation are
1st, 3rd, & 5th Saturdays each month.

Children & Divorce Seminars

Required 4-hour course on the effects of divorce on children.

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Will discussing my problems help?

Many times people will say "What good will talking do?" While talking alone won't solve a problem, what is does is reduce the emotional intensity that goes along with the problem (kind of like letting the air our of a balloon), allowing the more rational self to make decisions. Emotions tend to control our behavior and if given free reign, they will make our decisions.

How long will see a counselor?

Unless a court orders you otherwise, the number of counseling sessions is a decision you and your counselor will make together. Sometimes people come once or twice because they want to bounce something off of a neutral ear. Sometimes issues are more complex and someone may come for a period of weeks or even months.

Can I choose my counselor?

Please visit our counselors page to learn more about our individual counselors and pick one that catches your interest. However, there are several things that go into finding the right counselor for your needs. When you call, the intake person will ask you several questions including what you are coming for (very general such as marriage, parenting, eating disorder, etc.) and also whether you have insurance to pay for services.