About Us

About Us
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Anger Management Therapy in Abilene, TX

You Can Trust Our Counselors and Therapists

Texas Family Institute (TFI) is a 501(C) 3 nonprofit organization made up of professionally trained licensed counselors and social workers. We function harmoniously to help you meet the challenges that life brings to you in a better and more powerful way. We provide help to individuals, families, couples, and children with individual counseling, family counseling, couples counseling, parenting classes, seminars, workshops, and group counseling.

We recognize the many and varied challenges that our society presents; and, we are dedicated to finding solutions to problems and meeting the needs that confront all of us on a daily basis. Our scope of assistance ranges from helping children with the problems of growing up to the difficulties faced by those dealing with aging issues -- and everything in between.

We believe in you . . . and, we believe in the value of investing in you by assisting you in taking action concerning the circumstances that confront you. We truly will stand with you and look at the situation(s) you are facing, coming up with a plan to address your particular needs. We want to be part of your solution. Let us help you move forward.

As a nonprofit organization, we have resources to draw from to assist those who may not be able to receive assistance otherwise. We receive funding from private foundations, grants and public/corporate donations that go toward helping those without adequate resources to get professional help.

We are governed by a group of volunteer, community citizens called a Board of Directors who believe in our mission and want to support us. We appreciate their dedication and the support they bring.

Board of Directors

  • David Stuckey, Chairperson
  • Kathryn Stuckey, Recording Secretary
  • Nikki Nazworth, LPC
  • Barbara Rollins
  • Dr. Olusegun Bello, MD

This is who we are:


David Stuckey, LCSW, Director -- Trauma Resolution, Aging/Disability, Bipolar/Depression, more
Rebecca McMurray, BA, MA, LMFT -- Children and Adolescent Behavioral, Self Harm, more
Amy Richardson, BA, Med, LPC -- PTSD, Family Issues, Addictions, Behavior Issues, more
Michael Finley, BS, MS, LMFT -- Couple Communications, Conflict Resolutions, Anxiety, more 
Jeff Emery, BS, MMFT, LMFT -- Family Systems, Marital Relationships, Parenting Issues, more
Karen (Katy) Young, LPC -- Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, more 
Courtney Ramsey, LPC -- Addiction Recovery, Anger Management, more

Part Time/Temporary License/Interns

Melody Parker, BA, Med, LPC -- Parenting and Relationship Issues, Sexual Abuse, more
Kent Akers, MMFT, LMFTA -- Family Issues, Grief, Adolescent Behaviors, more

Administrative Staff

Stephanie Paschal, Office Manager 
Kathryn Cypert Stuckey, Executive Assistant Administrator

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